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Big Big Day~
Tuesday, April 17, 2012  3 comments

It was early monday morning when we arrived at airport to picked them up. We arrived a little early at the airport so we sat around for a while waiting for them to arrive. Finally, their plane has arrived and passengers began to trickle through the tunnel. When I saw Richie walking down from the tunnel, I waved to him. Normally, I'd be embarrassed about making such a scene. But I was so excited about seeing them that I just didn't care. Richie, looked slimmer with his black long short curly hair and Vangie looked like the same old Vangie, with her short, blonde hair. It was going to be great to have them here for 2 weeks.

Finally, Richie looked right at me. She gave me a huge smile and waved back. The blonde girl who's Richie's current girlfriend was smiling too. When they came through the gate, I, mom and my sis were standing right there. Richie and Vangie gave us a huge hug then introduce to us their companions. First is Sally (we call her Sal for short), she's Richie's current girlfriend. She has a long pale blonde hair and blue eyes and she's really pretty. Next is Allison (we call her Ally for short), she's my second cousin. She's also very pretty. Then last is Adel, she's the mom of Ally. After that little introduction, we head off to Mcdo for breakfast. I ordered pancakes and mccafe iced coffee. YAY!

After we took breakfast at mcdo, we go home for a little bit just to put their baggage and have lunch then head off to the mall for a little grocery and shopping. 

Chips and chocolates.

Hats for me and my sis.

My DOTD: Lambrusco Emilia. YEAHH!

When we got home, Sally, Ally, my sister and I went to the countryside to buy foods for our dinner. We chatted while waiting for the food to be served. After the food served, we head off home and eat our dinner.

We were all so tired with the activities the whole day but it was worth it. 

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