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Hello there! Welcome to my obnoxiously girly blog! I'm Angel. This blog is just random tidbits of my life here and there. I will share with you my deep love for makeup & pretty things. Feel free to leave me a tag/comment before you leave. I love reading and replying to them. Thanks for dropping by~ Hope you enjoy my blog!

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Happy Seventeen to me ♡
Tuesday, January 15, 2013  3 comments

It's my birthday today! I am seventeen now, finally. I found out that my korean crush has the same birthday as me. It may be a coincidence but to think more optimistic... It's kind of romantic stuff when you take and look it at different way.. How lucky you and him have same birthday. Anyways..

My friends are really like awesome. Today is my actual birthday but last Saturday they threw me an advance surprise birthday party at Pizza Hut. Sweetest thing they've ever done. Aside from there dinner treat to me at pizza hut, I received a Folded and Hung Cap, 4Minute Album, Brownies and Bench Body Spray as a gift.

A little fail on the secret side, but other than that.. fantastic. I loved every second of it. The experience was one of my favorite ones. My friends was so kind to remember my birthday.
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