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Little hauls + favorite bags
Saturday, December 1, 2012  0 comments

Hi guys! I'm really sorry for such a lack of posts lately. As usual, I'm busy with all the college stuffs and organization. So, a few days ago my mom and I went on a cute shopping haul buying lots of random things. I bought a korean-inspired paper bag (called it 'korean-inspired paper bag' since i saw one of a korean student at my university has the same design. lols), hair comb, hair brush, notepads, color pens and tissues (not to think that even their tissues are cute). I haven't took a photo of the little hauls I bought except for this watermelon purse that I bought on another kawaii shop. I find this purse so cute and yummy!

Today, I feel like sharing my all time favorite bags. On the left side is my secosana bag (If you're wondering, about the pin attached to it. Well, it's the name of my university) and on the right side is my Mossimo bag bought from Canada. These bags are gifts from my dad. Btw, I'm currently using the red one.

This one is the bag I bought from Bella Donna when we shop at Mall of Asia. I love everything about this bag. I love it's leopard print design and it can be used as a hand bag and cross-body bag as well.

Prelims are coming. I'm going to study the entire week next week and I'm sure there's going to be tons of studying and complaining. Lol. Then after prelim, it means Christmas break awaits for me and my friends! I'm Excited. Until next time guys! Have a wonderful week ahead! 
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