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Hello there! Welcome to my obnoxiously girly blog! I'm Angel. This blog is just random tidbits of my life here and there. I will share with you my deep love for makeup & pretty things. Feel free to leave me a tag/comment before you leave. I love reading and replying to them. Thanks for dropping by~ Hope you enjoy my blog!

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Back from my long hiatus!
Tuesday, October 30, 2012  1 comments

Hi ~ *waves* to everyone who has been following my blog and finding out my blog is so dead silent for the longest time (uhmm almost 4 months?). In case anyone is wondering why i had to take a break from blogging. Ehe, Well, I've been busy sorting out loads of stuffs in my college life and extra-curricular organizations that needed attention. Every week in my college life is quite considered a hell and stressful week for me. Everyday i have to face chapters in my book that's waiting to be read, my professor in major subjects who always gives us lots of laboratory activities, my feeling major subject who gives us always exercises and quizzes after discussing a lesson, my extra-curricular organization that i need to attend everyday after my class and lots of lots of things more. But because of this tight and tough schedule, I've learned how to manage my time and maintain balance school, extra-curricular organizations, friends and family. Now that first semester of my freshman year is finally over, I pass all of my subjects and got a GPA of 1.95, The president of the dance company that I've joined in my university chose me as one who will grant a scholarship. I felt so much happiness, joy, contentment and pride. All Hard works and efforts really paid off :)

Anyway, I got a new phone.

It's a Samsung Galaxy S2 I927 Captivate glide. My dad bought this for me from Canada. This is exactly the phone that I had in mind. And and and I got an IPAD too, he also bought it in Canada.
I'm so lucky to have  all of this wonderful gadgets :3

Me with my Ipad and my new phone <3

sod :)

To all who have been following my blog, thank you so much for continuously checking out this blog even if there has been a lack of post for a long time now. And to my new followers, HELLO! *waves* thank you so much for following me.
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