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MOA with Star A
Wednesday, May 9, 2012  0 comments

Last monday, the coordinator who invited us to perform on their big event contact us and told us to meet them at Mall Of Asia for a meeting. We felt really lucky to be chosen because not all CG's were invited in this big event only few of us including Breakfree (Superjunior CG), M1ST (Miss A CG), Boys On Fire (2NE1 CG) that's why even though we're tired and doesn't have enough rest from the event yesterday, we still came.

We arrived at Mall Of Asia around 3 pm, but the coordinators and the director were still in Laguna by that time so while waiting for them we had a little photoshoot at the nice sceneries of MOA using DSLR camera.

More pictures in our page :)

It's already evening around 6 pm when the other CG's, the director and the coordinators of the event arrived. She discussed first what were going to do then start rehearsing our ramp at the seaside in front of many people. We were not actually informed about the rehearsal and the ramp thing, all we know is that we'll be having a meeting here so we were like very shock on what's happening lol. After the rehearsal, she congratulated all of us for being part of this big event then we had a brief talk. She discussed about the event, the conference, being united as one group and of course our talent fee and the freebies we'll receive after joining the event. After that brief talk, she introduce us to the grandson of the owner of one of the SM malls in Philippines. And yeah, he's really handsome :)

I'm not sure if I'll still be able to join on this event since I will be on a vacation for 3 weeks.
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