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My lovely adventure
Wednesday, June 13, 2012  1 comments

WARNING! This may be a really long post!

Hello everyone who missed me! My week long vacation is finally over and I'm on the mood to lament. T_T haha.   
It's been a wonderful trip with my family and relatives. And those happy memories were immortalized by hundreds of pictures.
Okay, so let's start off with getting to airport Sunday morning. We arrived at D.Z Romualdez airport around 5:30 am or so.  

This was taken at the VIP room of the airport. We stayed there while waiting for my other cousins to arrive. 

A selca of me and my sis at the VIP room.

We went to Robinsons Tacloban for a lunch! Then, my boys cousins suddenly invited us (me and sis) to watch a movie. We watched the Avengers and I must say it rocked! I'm a now a huge fan of ironman, but hulk.. OMO, he was so adorable! Oh! And Captain America is so hot! lol hahaha :D After the movie, my aunt suddenly bought us a converse shoes  sweeeet  I got the blue one!  

We decided to stay at Go Hotel for one night. The hotel was really nice actually.  

The next day, we went to Rafael's farm! Just a short drive from downtown tacloban. I went there without expecting anything. I have never even heard of it until that day. The place really came out as a surprise because it's just so pretty.. and serene! The grounds are beautifully landscaped and well maintained. The place is so peaceful. It's really a perfect place to relax.

Obviously my family loves converses :3

The treehouse.

Next, we went to the famous San Juanico Bridge! A monumental landmark that stretches from Samar to Leyte across the San Juanico strait. It is considered the longest bridge in the Philippines! 

Crossing the San Juanico Bridge is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Once we got to the end (Samar), we made u-turn to repeat the whole process again and prepared ourselves for a three to four-hour long drive to Ormoc, Leyte.

We arrived in Ormoc at around 7 pm and book a room at Don Felipe Hotel. 
I must say it is the scariest hotel i've ever been to. The hallways are dark and gloomy. The room is so old. Good thing, we only stayed there for one night ;)

The Next day! We went to Baybayon ni Agalon! The highlight of our Ormoc visit. SWIMMING!  

They have 3 large pools and a jacuzzi. They also have 2 slides, one connected to the kiddie pool and the other to the adult pool.

We saw this fish spa sign and thought of giving it a try before heading back. Essentially you just soak your feet into the pond which is filled with small fishes. The small fishes supposed to eat off the dead skin off your feet.

The first 5 mins. was tickling and I felt like I was a marinated fish ready to be fried :D But after another 5 mins. I learned to suppress the tickling sensation while my sister wasted the 10 minutes of  "The treatment" giggling and avoiding contact with the fish! :D Our feet felt happy and clean after the spa :D

.Baybayon ni Agalon Beach.



During the weekend, we went to Calubian Island for my aunt's first HS grand reunion. 
It's my first time to ride a pumpboat and twas fun and scary at the same time :D

At the hotel. The place where we stay when we where at Calubian.

During the reunion party

The next morning, we went to Lotus beach. 
Tada! :3 

It's more fun in the Philippines! :D

A swimming at Marvin's seaside inn. My cousins, Jenn, Rj, Aian, and Chris show and taught me how to swim. 
And now i can swim! Thanks to them.  

During our third week, We went to Higatangan, an Island in Naval, Biliran. I'm not really impressed by the beach and even the place -_-
We stayed there for one night, and the night was really really scary ><  

After 2 days, we went again to Higatangan but on the different side or beach :D. I like this better than the first one. I love the shifting sandbar which is i think Higatangan is famous for.

Sea Urchin and Starfish

The next day, we drove back to Tacloban. We still have a full day to spend in Tacloban with my cousins before we fly back to Manila. So we decided to go at Robinsons and spend our remaining time eating at chowking, we also tried out eating fried ice cream, buy foods at grocery, take pictures.  

The next morning was our flight back to Manila. We woke up so early and just had our mini breakfast at the airport.
It's time to say goodbye to my cousins. T__T i'm gonna miss all of them. 

Our flight back to Manila took less than an hour but the pilot announced that we need to wait for a while since we cannot land yet. We landed after about 40 minutes. My aunt's friends pick us up using their van and headed to Kabayan Hotel to check in our bags. After checking in, we decided to go to Mall Of Asia.
We had our lunch at Pizza Hut. My mom, aunt and her friends ordered pastas. While we ordered 2 family pizza (one is hawaiian and the other is the meat lover's), that means extra large size, that is good enough for me, sis and my 2 cousins. For our drinks, me and sis both ordered choco malt while my mom, cousins, aunt and her 2 friends ordered mountain dew and coke.


After lunch, we went shopping! My 2 cousins, Jenn and Jaz and my sister bought contact lenses, while i bought a bag from Bella Donna. It costs 1500 pesos. (I'll show you the picture on my next post :3) 

After shopping, we decided to watch a movie at imax. We watched "Gone", a thriller movie starring Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter and Wes Bentley directed by Heitor Dhalia. And twas pretty good.

The next day, we had our breakfast at the hotel's restaurant and went to 168 Mall. I bought a pair of cute shoes. Anw I'll show it on my next post.

The next morning, we woke up so early again and head off to airport. Today is their flight back to Australia. *sigh. It's time to say goodbye again.    

Spending my summer vacation is a key for me to refresh everything, to start over, and make new plans to reach my ultimate goal for this year. But then, I guess life is incredible when do you don't have to worry about. (How I wish I have long vacation) :D 


Tomorrow is the first day of my college. whooo! Wish me luck! 

P/S: comments is on again! :3 Feel free to leave a comment ;) I love reading them 


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