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Happy New Year from Angel + Twenty thirteen Resolutions
Monday, December 31, 2012  3 comments


Here's the photo from New Year's Eve:

2012 has been an incredible year for me. I have learned and experienced so much this year and I thank GOD for blessing me with best family and amazing friends!

Thinking about how great 2012 has been, I want to wish that 2013 will be just as great - and even better! I think 2013 will definitely be a year when things change for me.

I've come up with some New Years resolutions and their listed below.
I made these in hopes of improving my life, outlook and personality and just .. well me. So, most of these resolutions are self-improvement.

1.) I want to experience as much joy as possible
like spending quality time with my friends and family and doing things I love, i'm also going to practice letting things go. When someone bothers me.. I'm going to deal with it.. make my peace with it then let it go.
2.) Continue building a positive relationship with my friends, family, lcdc family and star cg
3.) Study hard for my major subjects, like real hard.
4.) Lose weight.
I don't want to be really skinny but healthy.
5.) Be more active in blogger world.
I really want to continue blogging everyday, and hopefully forever. Hehe, I really enjoy blogging!
6.) Sleep early!
7.) Grow my hair long!
8.) Control my mood swings.
I do really have a terrible moods swings -.-
9.) Have a proper skincare routine
10.) Come to school early.
I'm always late on my first subject -.-
11.) Make more of an effort.
With people and talking to old friends and When dealing with projects. I'm quite crap at that! haha!
12.) New layout for my blog!
13.) STOP being so LAZY! haha!
14.) Do more.
I mean going out more and doing a bit more in my life, socially. I want to have a ton of new experiences.
15. Say 'YES' more!
I'm sometimes like 'NO' whenever someone asks me if I want to do something, when really I should be like 'YES'. This should in a load of experiences too.

There you have it. My resolutions for 2013. I hope you enjoyed reading them :D

May 2013 be the beginning of the best year of your life.
Have a blessed and awesome 2013 lovelies! Until next time.

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