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Hello there! Welcome to my obnoxiously girly blog! I'm Angel. This blog is just random tidbits of my life here and there. I will share with you my deep love for makeup & pretty things. Feel free to leave me a tag/comment before you leave. I love reading and replying to them. Thanks for dropping by~ Hope you enjoy my blog!

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I'm back to blogging ♡
Haul: Etude House, Daiso and Watson
Etude House Mini Haul
I'm back!
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I'm back to blogging ♡
Monday, October 19, 2015  0 comments

Hello Hello *waves* to all my lovely blogger friends~
Finally! I'm back to blogging woohooo! ♡ and I've also changed my blog url again from (angelicajcn.blogspot.com) so my lovely affies, kindly RELINK me ~

Lots of things and changes happened in my life but there was no one specific reason why I stopped, but my free time was spent elsewhere and I was focusing on other things. I know, I know, I have not touched this blog in a very long time, but I think I am ready to get back to regular blogging and hopefully will have some new things to share with you very soon. I hope you will continue to follow and will enjoy some new posts very shortly.

Thank you so much for sticking with me while I was on my blogging break. I look forward to writing some new blog post very soon :)

Hope you guys are having a great week so far!
Haul: Etude House, Daiso and Watson
Saturday, May 18, 2013  3 comments

Hello lovelies, I'm back with a new haul!!! Last Wednesday I got some make-up items that were on my wishlist.

NOTE: I'm not trying to brag or show off in anyway, I'm just super excited and happy about this stuff that I got and thought it would be fun to share ^^

So here are a few new make-up bits that I have bought recently.


Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base SPF 25 PA++ #2 Berry Choux (P 628/ $ 15.24)

Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk in #JPK002 (P 478/ $ 11.60)

Go Back Firming Cream (P 1,578/  $38.28)
This is for my mom :)

From Left to Right :

Look At My Nails Care-Ultra Hardener (P 98/ $2.38 ), 
Dear My Deep Color Nails (P  178/  $4.32 )  and
Look At My Cotton Candy Nails in CWH901 (P78 / $1.89 )

Sweet Nail Emery Board (P 78 / $1.89)

Lip and Eye Remover (P 198 / $4.80 ) & Nail Remover #1 MILD (P 98/ $2.38)

And lastly the freebies <3 I got the Bunny USB Fan for spending over $72.78 and Missing U Neck Cushion (Bird) PINK for buying the Go Back Cream.


House Paper Box (P 88/ $ 2.13)

Romantic Girl Pink 2-Way Mirror (P 88 / $2.13)

Quick Dry Hair Towel (P 66 / $ 1.60)


 Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Masque (P 109/ $2.64) and Ionic Keratin Hair Treatment (P 109/ $2.64)

Miine Shower Cap  (P 45.75/ $ 1.11) and Miine Head Band (P 45.75/ $1.11)

Hello Kitty Travel Pack Facial Tissue (4 pack for P 39/ $ 0.95 )

Nylon Body Puff (P 49.75/ $ 1.21)

Hair Shine Natural Fusion (2 for P 139/ $ 3.37 )

Belle Purity Cotton Pads (P 25 / $ 0.61) and Green Cross Sanitizing Gel (P 25/ $0.61)
I bought these yesterday from my local grocery store.

That's all for my haul. Have a great weekend!

Etude House Mini Haul
Monday, May 6, 2013  0 comments

Hey there cuties! It's been a while again, hasn't it? Sorry for lack of post >_<
Anyway, I'm back and today i'm going to share with you guys another haul that I bought from Etude House yesterday.

But before that, I would like to share first my new favorite wallet that my mom just got me! Love you mom!



I love the color, the style, and how this wallet fits all of the things I need to carry with me on a daily basis like my money, cards, id, pictures and even my cellphone :3 like how cool is that ? <3

Moving on to my Etude House Haul...

Yesterday after church, we went directly to the mall to buy new battery for my phone and beauty products from Etude House.

I actually had the intention of purchasing the Etude House's Goodbye Pore Ever Primer but because they ran out T^T, I was forced to buy their other products.

So here's the goodies I got:

White Moistfull Emulsion (P 848/ $20.76)

White Moistfull Peeling Wash (P578 / $14.15)

Secret Beam Powder Pact in #1 (P578 / $14.15)

Look At My Cotton Candy Nails in COR202 (P78 / $1.91)

Play Etude Pink Eco Bag that is free if you spend over P 2000 / $50 (which I definitely did).
The other freebies you can get if you spend over $50 are : Miss Tangerine Mug, Bee Happy Mug and a cute stand earring holder. 

After we paid for our goodies, we had our dinner, bought some breads at Max and then went home.
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